New syllabus and questions

IR759 syllabus_Feb 23

1. What explains the rise of finance as a systemic force in the world economy?

2. What have been the most important weaknesses of finance in the post-Bretton Woods era?

3. Insurgencies are a fact of life in international relations. How do they get funded?


Haunting questions

1. Was Bretton Woods better than the Gold Standard era? If it was, why did it lose the battle? (Helleiner and Eichengreen,
2. Given the volatility of the current financial system, should we go back to some kind of Bretton Woods? Can we? (Helleiner, Eichengreen, )
3. Do we need the current financial system to finance innovation? What are the alternatives? (Janeway)

4. How did finance reemerge from its postwar repression to become the dominant voice in contemporary political economy? (Helleiner)

Group discussion:

The ex-Gold Standard folks (may them be called Group A) be prepared to say yes to the first question, to the second question and to say no to the third question. The anti-Gold Standard group (Group B), please prepare your weapons to attach the anticipated answers of group A. Each group has 10 mins. Rebuttals and counterebuttals will follow. Ah, vae victis!

Be ready for a quiz on the following terms:

managed floating, special drawing rights, convertibility, euromarkets